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Saturday, November 17, 2007


Wassuppp gang…how r u today? Feel well enough today? What r u doing today? Hmm..or u r already find your job today?hehe….it is fun right when u already find your own job and have your own pocket money??hehehe…and after u get the salary,u can buy what u want…make up set(especially gurlz hehe..),ear ring, or maybe motorcycle like 135 LC??? Hehe…or maybe doodads? Something like MP3,MP4,N73,N70…hehehe….

U can buy anything u want but must know how to manage the money…hmm…I wanna tell those my fren who r still student and doing job during dis holiday…”WORK TO LEARN NOT WORK TO EARN”….seems ridiculous right…maybe u think dat I’m insane but dis is da truth..majority of our student dat doing part time job just work to earn not to learn.dis is wrong…when u do this,u not get anything coz when u work to earn,u just get the money and after u buy this and that, the money will gone…just like dat!!

I’M NOT PERFECT PERSON!!! Sorry if what I said will make your heart said that who am I to tell dis?? Remember dude..I AM YOUR FREN… maybe I’m not rich and not in right place to tell u such thing like dis..but just take it as advice from your fren dat caring bout u..

DUDE, when u work at a shop, restaurant, company or a firm, try to look how the company work. Try to understand how the company be managed..dis is because..when u already work at a company and get salary…u can use it to build your own company…

I LUV U ALL I hope all of us will success in whatever we do..

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