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Thursday, March 12, 2009

money can buy happinesS??

salam & hello to all my sempoi friends. Maybe all of U will angry & mad at me because of that title. Chilled out man. lol. Many people will say that, "money is not everything", "money can't buy happiness", "money lead people to become bad people", "money is evil". haih... maybe majority of us think like this because we were influent by the media especially 'drama' at television. Most of them show that all bad people come from the rich.MySpace

Maybe it's true money can lead a person become cruel & evil but let us together thinks about it. Please, think wisely. If U have money, U manage it, U control it then U'll get the happiness.

For me, I'm very strict when buying 'things'. When I'm buying something, I'll make sure that it is important for me to have it. Example, I'm still wearing my old shirt, I'll wear it until it's not fit with me. For me, it's not important for us to follow the trend. Be simple. It's more comfortable. Think again, when U buy many things especially the expensive one, do U feel happy enough? One day if U already have grandson, do U tell them about what U buy?? huhu...

I'll be happy when I’m using my money to travel and treat my friends. I rather do that than go shopping, ( well, I guess it’s a girl thing.haha).. When I hang out with friends, I laugh with them, go to cinema, play games, play paintball..etc..all this things make me happy and I can tell it to anyone. Still remember in my mind, I treat my friends until they can't of us can't blur any words anymore because he’s so full...hahahaMySpace

I love money, I can help people with it. Yup, I don't want to see people around me sad because I already going through difficulties since I was child. I want to use money to make others happy. I'm happy when I make people happy. Long ago, at age 6, I used bicycle to go to kindergarten. Sometimes I just walk to school. For a few years, I walked to school that about 3 KM from my home.hurm.. Now, I tell to myself. I'll help people that in need. MySpace

So, when U have a lot of money, use it wisely, go travel, see others culture, try new thing, and gain knowledge, yup, money can lead for happiness...U'll happy when U help people, U'll happy when U go travel and try new things.

In my mind now, I want to save money to see my friends at overseas. I'll be coming u guys!! Just wait!!

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Si Budak said...

weyh..ku tunggu ko ketiak..

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