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Monday, March 2, 2009

Passion or force??

Salam & hi u guys. Hope all my friends outside there always smile & happy. Dah lame sangat tak menulis kat blog ni. To all friends that always wait for my article, thanks a lot for your patience. So how are you? Fine? What are you guys doing right now? Still doing the same thing that you did yesterday? Go to work at 7.30 am & stuck at the traffic light, do the same work everyday, go back from work at 5 pm & watch TV and sleep. Tomorrow, same thing goes around & around. Same thing goes to the student out there. Go to college, study, study and study.

Okey, I want to ask all of you. Is it true, people around us always said that, when you study hard, you get good result, you'll get good job. People around us always said that, when you become a doctor, an engineer, a contractor, or anything, you'll become rich and you'll live happ
ily without any problem because you have money & you can buy anything. Many people always come to us and said like that. I'm not saying that what all they said was wrong, maybe they have own reason to say like that. They want their children become a successful person. Become rich. Respect by all people.

I'm writing this post for myself, my sibling, and to all my friends out there. When I'm sit
ting at my chair, looking at the moon, stars, I suddenly thought, when I'm study and working, am I doing all this because of my passion or a force?? Passion is when you do work/ something, you'll not felt bored doing it all the time. You'll do the work without strain. You love it and you enjoy doing all this stuff.
So in this post, I want to all of you to share
it me. What is your passion? Is there something you want to do but you can't do it because you had to fulfil others dream? For example you want to be an engineer but your family want you to be a doctor. Like my friend, he want to be a doctor because his family want it and he always got a good result in something-that-got –to-do-with-human subjects, but he has his own passion, he want to be a businessman.

People at my village always tell to their kids to become a doctor
because when you become a doctor, you have a balance life, have good health and MONEY. hoho...for me, I don't want to be a doctor, only a really brave person ( I think) can become a doctor. I don't have a gut to see a dead body in front of me. What a scary things to see everyday huh!

For me, when I'm still standard 4, I always want to be a businessman, I keep my
coins by buying sweets and sell them back to my classmate. huhuu....In my thought I eagerly want be a businessman. When my dream comes true, I want to help people. I want to make all my friends smile. I don't want to see difficulties in other people life. I don't have a heart to see Bersamamu at tv3 because it hurt me so much. Oh my....

So my friends, lets join me, tell me your story, what you want to be? Your passion
or anything else you want to share. Please, let me hear from you ok!

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