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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

yamaha XJ6 berada di pasaran julai ini

tak silap aku,ni lah kot motor yang saudara hakim fanani cerita kat aku. bentuknye agak garang. tapi aku rasa aku belom mampu nak pakai moto macam ni. perghhhh....mahal kot. boleh dapat sebiji myvi. tapi pade mereka yang mampu,tak menjadi masalah. 

brikut adalah maklumat mengenai yamaha XJ6 dari
The "naked" version of Yamaha XJ6 Diversion, Yamaha XJ6 has been around for some months now. Since the time it was released, this well-built motorcycle from Yamaha has consistently registered escalating sales and wide popularity.

Perhaps, its popularity is because of its price, which is very reasonable considering the performance and specifications of this ultimate Yamaha machine.

When it was introduced in the market, XJ6 was priced around $8,000. However, after about a year of its release, it can be purchased at as low a price as $7,000.

These are the price tags of just the bike. If you buy it with any additional features, the price can increase by a couple of hundred dollars.

For example, if you get an additional ABS feature for extra safety, then you might have to shell about $600 or more. However, even just for $8,000 with all features, this bike is still a steal.

Let's begin with its basic features first...

  • Yamaha XJ6 has an in-line four-600cc engine that can give a top speed of about 135mph
  • It has a 77bhp power and 44ftlb torque
  • Weighing less than 400 pounds, it is fairly lightweight as compared to other bikes in its range
  • Its fuel tank capacity is more than 17 liters
  • There is no front suspension adjustment and the rear suspension adjustment is preloaded
  • The height of the seat at 785 mm enables the average rider to keep his or her feet on the ground firmly at a short stop
  • The front and rear tire sizes are 12070 17 in and 16060 17 in respectively
  • The front brakes have 2 X 298 mm discs, while the rear brakes have a 245 mm disc
  • XJ6 offers a 20 mm handlebar forward and back adjustment as well.
Some of the other features that this bike comes with are... An engine guard, a backrest, a center stand, crash bobbins, tank pad, panniers and top box.

The engine is a returned version of Yamaha XZ6, with a novel cylinder head and forged pistons. The engines inlet ports have been reshaped, the camshafts perform more softly, and now there is just a one-piece cylinder block and crankcase.

Yamaha XJ6 is not only suitable for both amateur riders who do not want to use a second hand bike and who can not afford those high end expensive machines as well, but also for experienced riders who want their machines to perform swiftly, smartly and efficiently.

The minimal use of plastic in its naked body makes small accidents easier to repair. But it is wiser to go for the crash bungs instead that Yamaha has developed especially for this motorcycle. These crash bungs cost about $150.

Both critics and riders have praised XJ6 especially for its superior handling. It is very agile as well as lightweight, making it perfect for around-the-town rides.

It is not very suitable for high-speed rides, as there is not adequate fairing for protection from wind-blasts. Nevertheless, it is definitely constructed strongly and tightly and provides an excellent riding experience.

All in all, the Yamaha XJ6 is recommended, heavily!!


aque said...

memang minat naik moto besar kew?

mmg la nampak smart fara penah gak tumpang membe.. nakik moto specis mcm nie.. aduhai.. sakit belakang sakit kaki.. hahhahah tobat x naek lagi hahhaha

layanz... nur kasih x besh

shafiq ahmad said...

owh tidak..rxz tetap dihati..haha

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